How to Change an Outboard Motor Mount

How to Change an Outboard Motor Mount

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Outboard motors are useful for traveling down smaller rivers and streams. The maneuverability of the motor is the reason why people still use these models. However, they are easily broken because they hang off the back of the boat. This means that you may need to replace the outboard motor mount. You also may need to change it if you replace the motor. The process will take approximately a full day.

Items you will need

  • Wrench

  • Epoxy

  • Solid wood plug

  • Backer plate

  • Fiberglass lamination

  • Electric drill

  • Replacement outboard motor mount

  • Bolts

  • Blue Loctite

Shut off the motor and wait two hours for it to cool. Unbolt the existing outboard motor from the outboard mount on the boat. Remove the motor and place it on the ground. Unbolt the outboard motor mount and place it beside the motor.

Fill in all holes 1/8 inch or smaller with epoxy. Slightly laminate the outside of the epoxy with fiberglass lamination. Fill in all holes between 1/8 inch and 1 inch in diameter with wooden plugs. Laminate the outside of the plug with fiberglass. Place a backer plate against any holes that are larger that 1 inch and fill in the holes with epoxy. Layer the sides generously with fiberglass lamination.

Hold your replacement outboard motor mount against the back of the center of your boat. Mark where the holes are and drill out the holes.

Hold the replacement mount against the holes and drive the bolts through. Apply Blue Loctite adhesive to the threads of the bolt and screw the nuts on tight.

Hold your outboard up against the front board of the outboard motor mount. If the outboard is clamped on, bolt the clamps on tight around the back. If the outboard is bolted on, drive bolts through the holes on the back of the outboard and through the corresponding holes on the front board.