How to Catch a Grass Carp

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Grass carp present a challenge to anglers since they can weigh up to 100 lbs. and they are strict vegetarians. They are uninterested in the kind of bait used to catch other big fish. They are also usually protected by local laws. Some areas will introduce grass carp to a lake just so they can eat excessive vegetation and weeds. Check local laws covering grass carp before attempting to catch them.

Step 1

Pick a location near a tree that drops fruit into the water, or near areas where the weeds or grass appears deepest. Grass carp also like to eat grass from the banks of a canal or lake.

Step 2

Drop the bread or berry-baited hook in the area where the grass carp are gathering. They have bad sight and hearing, and eyes close to the top of their head. Keep the bait close to the surface since the fish will look up to seek food.

Step 3

Wait about 5 seconds when you get a bite and then set the hook. The fish wont fight much until you get them close and they see you. Do a quick "catch and release" since grass carp do not survive long out of the water.


  • Don't eat them.
  • Some lakes stock these to clean up the grass. You could be fined for catching or harming them.


  • If there are no berries in the location, try to twist up a clump of grass. They like fresh green grass. It's harder to cast this but I have caught them this way.
  • If your berry starts sinking, put more on.
  • Use a small hook so it doesn't sink the berry.
  • If the fish see you and get spooked, leave for 10 minutes and then come back.


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