How to Care for Dartboards

The world's best players demand bristle dartboards, and so should you. Applying regular care and maintenance to your dartboard will keep the darts flying and the players happy.

Dartboard Maintenance

Every two weeks, remove the metal number ring from your dartboard.

Move the "20" through to the next blank segment. The "20" now becomes the "12," and so on.

Repeat the procedure more often or less often as use and wear dictate.


  • Many sources suggest soaking dartboards, with the goal being to close the holes in the bristle. But Puma Darts, the leading global developer and manufacturer of darts and boards, says no: "Bristle boards are susceptible to moisture damage. Therefore under no circumstances should any moisture be placed onto the board."


  • Puma Darts recommends that you spread the board's wear when practicing. Because the only board area that you cannot protect by turning is the bull's-eye, it is crucial that you don't continually practice on that spot or it will wear out. Keep your darts sharp. Puma Darts says that "a key element in maintaining your dartboard is maintaining the points of your darts. Ensure points are kept sharp and not blunt or hooked. A hooked dart will damage a bristle board quickly as it will pull the fiber out, and blunt (worn) dart points cause over-compaction--check your dart points and sharpen or replace as required or they will prematurely wear out your board."


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