How to Build a Fishing Rod Holder

A rod and reel is an essential piece of equipment for any fisherman. A fishing rod holder is a wall-mounted shelf that organizes and holds your rod and reel. This holder will lengthen the life of the rod and reel.

Measure the 1 1/2 inches from the end of the 2-inch wide board. Draw a square or an oval with a 3/8 inch diameter. The shape needs to be set 1 inch into the board and 1 inch toward the end of the board. Repeat the shape across the board. Finish when you have six inlets drawn.

Cut out the inlets with a jig or band saw. Sand the insides of the holes until smooth.

Drill a hole 3/4 inch from the edge and 1 inch from the top of the 6-inch board. Repeat on the other end of the board. Drill the holes completely through the boards.

Stain or paint the wood. Decorate the boards or leave them bare. Allow the boards to dry completely before continuing with the fishing rod holder.

Attach the "L" bracket to the bottom of the back side of the 2-inch wide board. Place the bracket 1 inch from the edge of the board. The front of the board has the inlets in it. There needs to be enough room in the "L" bracket to slide in the 6-inch board. Repeat on the other end of the board.

Slide the 6-inch board in between the 2-inch board and "L" bracket. The "L" bracket and the 2-inch board are the bottom of the fishing rod holder. The holes on the 6-inch board need to be at the top. Secure the "L" brackets with the screws.

Mount the fishing rod holder to the wall with 1 screw through each of the pre-drilled holes.

Slide the fishing rods into the holder with the reels at the top.


  • This fishing rod holder holds 6 rods. Alter the size of this fishing rod holder to accommodate your fishing needs.

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