How to Attach My Longboard to My Backpack

How to Attach My Longboard to My Backpack

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Longboards and skateboards are excellent tools for travel. Some areas prohibit skateboarding, and indoor areas or places without smooth surfaces are not ideal for riding. The boards are easily attached to a backpack during periods of foot travel. Several different attachment methods are used with or without straps. Many skateboarders use a hanging method to hold the longboard on the backpack straps. The technique secures the board while you walk but makes it easy and quick to remove when you are ready to ride.

Step 1

Remove the backpack from your shoulders and hold the long board horizontally against the portion of the backpack that sits against your back.

Step 2

Turn the longboard with the wheels facing away from the backpack. The bottom of the deck will sit against your back when the board is properly aligned.

Step 3

Slide the board through the straps with each set of wheels on the outside of the straps. The board will hang on the straps and the wheel positions prevent the board from sliding out of position.

Step 4

Place the backpack on your back and adjust the strap length to increase comfort. The board sits snug against your lower back without excessive pressure when the strap length is properly adjusted.


  • Buy a backpack designed to hold skateboards and longboards. The specialty backpacks use two straps to clip the board against the outside of the backpack.
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