Fun Things to Do on Your Birthday in NYC

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Explore America's Campgrounds

With so many attractions, New York City is a great place to celebrate a birthday. No matter your age, and no matter the season, you will find something memorable to do. Instead of filling up on cake, you can have a healthy birthday by exploring some of the city's outdoor sights.


Cheer on one of New York City's sports teams while celebrating your birthday. Depending on the season, you could catch a Mets or Yankees baseball game, a Devils, Rangers or Islanders hockey game, a Jets or Giants football game, a Red Bulls soccer game or a Knicks, Nets or Liberty basketball game. You can also get a view of different parts of the city on the way to the stadiums. Most are accessible by public transportation. The Knicks, Liberty and Rangers are easiest, located at Penn Station in Manhattan. Tickets to most of these teams should be available on game day, or with a small amount of prior planning.


Take a walk through one of the city's neighborhoods and get a taste, literally, of all that New York City has to offer. You work up an appetite while walking, and then stop at a restaurant in Chinatown or Little Italy. Get a special birthday present for yourself on Canal Street, where you can pick up authentic looking purses, watches and sunglasses. They may not be the real thing, but they are much cheaper. New York City is great for walking. Within a couple of hours you can make your way from Soho to midtown, all while looking at the buildings and surrounding stores.

Scavenger Hunt

For an exciting birthday party, run around New York City with a bunch of friends while participating in a scavenger hunt. Watson Adventures hosts different themed hunts that cover areas of the city like Greenwich Village, the Museum of Natural History, Chinatown and Little Italy and Central Park. There are both public and private events on weekends throughout the year, and the price ranges from $15 to $40. You can also choose to search the subway system, learn about pop culture or explore Union Square with Got a Clue. They also host public and private events, but their schedule is not as set as Watson Adventures. Contact Got a Clue, or join the mailing list to get informaiton about upcoming hunts.

Roller Skating

Roll your way through New York City with a birthday celebration on roller skates. Head to Central Park where there is about six miles of paths on which you can skate. If you are celebrating your birthday on the weekend, you can even get some free skating lessons near the West 72nd Street entrance to the park by the Central Park Skate Patrol. Once you have received your lesson, you can go onto the sidewalks and check out the sights from a different perspective. Just be extra careful of car and foot traffic.


Treat yourself, on your birthday, to some rest and relaxation that will relieve stress, too. Visit a jimjilbang, or a Korean style sauna, in Queens called Spa Castle. Here you will have access to 100,000 square feet of pools, baths, saunas, food and massages. There are both single-gender and coed areas with different services. The weekend price is $45 as of 2010. There are both single-gender and coed areas with different services. Next get a feel for another culture's take on saunas and baths at Russian and Turkish Baths. Enjoy an ice-cold bath, aromatherapy, saunas or just lie out on the roof and get some sun. One-day admission is $30.