The Best Saltwater Bait-Casting Reels

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With the saltwater bait-casting reels available today, you can fish with a higher level of confidence. Offering plenty of torque, cranking power and durability, bait-casters can help you reel in even the biggest fish. Whether you're targeting kingfish or wahoo, mahi or tuna, a good bait-casting reel can make landing your catch more exciting and enjoyable.

Ambassadeur Series

Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's recommend the Ambassadeur series of saltwater bait-casting reels made by Abu Garcia. From the medium-sized 5000 reel to the bigger 9000 reel, the Ambassadeur series can handle everything from sea trout to kingfish. These high-performance reels are durable at reasonable prices. The Ambassadeur series features a carbon-matrix drag system, solid brass gears and stainless-steel ball bearings for a high level of corrosion resistance.

Supercaster 1000 Pro

"Field & Stream" magazine considers the Supercaster 1000 Pro by U.S. Reel worthy of its top saltwater-gear picks for 2010. Rather than using a moving eyelet, this level-wind reel uses a rotating and rocking crossbar to distribute fishing line evenly across the spool, reducing friction and line wear. The height of the level-wind system can be adjusted to help control casting. A sophisticated gearing assembly reduces the weight of this light reel, which weighs only 8.2 ounces.

Penn 4/0 Reel

Bass Pro Shops considers the Penn 4/0 reel, a popular reel on charter fishing boats, a top choice--particularly when targeting bigger fish. Manufactured for years and considered a classic piece of saltwater gear, the Penn 4/0 is an open-face reel with a star drag. These reels can take a lot of punishment and still work well. When loaded with 40-pound test fishing line and set on a sturdy boat rod, this reel proves effective for any type of deep-sea fishing.

Accurate Boss Magnum E-Series 197 & 270

The Boss Magnum E-Series from Accurate was selected by Tackle Tour as its 2010 "Editor's Choice" for saltwater bait-casting reels. These medium-weight reels can handle everything from sea bass to small tuna, and they are designed for handling big fish with light line. Produced from a single piece of aluminum, the body of a Boss Magnum E-Series reel can take several different gear assemblies to modify the power ratio of the reel. Although these reels are somewhat heavier than normal, they provide excellent casting ability and lots of cranking torque when reeling in fish.


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