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How to Upgrade a Remington 700

by Barry Index

The Remington Bolt Action Model 700 is a highly popular hunting rifle available in a wide range of styles and options. Popularity of the Remington 700 is due in part to its ease of disassembly and maintenance, making possible a variety of upgrades and improvements that the gun owner can make to personalize the firearm. One of the first upgrades a gun owner chooses is a trigger modification to improve the weight and the feel of the trigger pull, and this is true of the Remington 700 as well. The upgrade is fairly easy and requires a few common tools.

Pull back the bolt action and look into the chamber to verify the rifle is not loaded. Remove the bolt by twisting the bolt lever up and pulling the bolt action out of the firearm. Turn the firearm over so the trigger faces up.

Remove the two receiver screws using an Allen wrench. One receiver screw is located at the end of a metal plate in front of the trigger guard, and one is directly behind the trigger guard. Pull out the trigger guard, then turn the firearm over so the barrel faces up and pull the barrel out of the receiver. The trigger assembly is located on the bottom of the barrel when it is pulled away from the receiver.

Tap out two pins holding the trigger assembly to the barrel. Remove the trigger housing and pull out the sear block, a metal bar shaped like a key, from the top of the trigger housing, followed by the sear spring. Remove three adjustment screws on the side of the trigger housing with a small screwdriver. Tap out the trigger pivot pin with the punch tool and remove the trigger, followed by the trigger cap and trigger spring.

Install the new trigger spring and trigger cap by pushing them into the trigger housing where they fit snugly in place. Insert the trigger into the housing and push the trigger pivot pin back in. Replace the adjustment screws, and then insert the sear spring and sear block back into the top of the trigger housing the same way they came out. Pull the trigger to make sure it operates properly.

Insert the trigger housing into the barrel and replace the two pins. Install the barrel back into the receiver and stock, and then fit the trigger guard assembly into the receiver and replace the receiver screws.

Items you will need
  • Allen wrench
  • Punch tool
  • Small ball peen hammer
  • Trigger replacement kit
  • Small screwdriver


  • Adjust the three adjustment screws in Step 4 if the trigger does not operate smoothly. Continue adjusting the screws until the proper combination is found and the trigger travels smoothly.

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