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How to Troubleshoot a Gas RV Refrigerator That Works on Electricity

by Melissa Warner

Refrigerators are one of the best appliances available for RVs. They are much nicer than having to deal with coolers, and no one wants the problems of warm beverages or spoiled food. Some RV refrigerators are almost the size of those in homes. Some run on gas and can be switched over to electric and are known as two-way refrigerators. Others can be AC/DC powered. If the refrigerator only runs on electric but should run on gas and electricity, there are a number of ways to troubleshoot the problem.

Check to see if the display module is working. Check the limp mode, which may need resetting.

Check the burner jet to see if it is clogged and needs cleaning.

Check the flue baffle to see if the flue tube is properly placed.

Check the LP pressure. If it is too low it will not work properly.

Check the burner to make sure it is aligned with the flue tube, and then look for damage on the burner. If the burner is damaged, it must be replaced.


About the Author

Melissa Warner is a freelance writer and editor in Milwaukee, Wis. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications, including "The Irish American Post" and "The London Student." Warner received a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and mass communication from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.