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How to Tie Ropes & Knots

by Lisa Chrstine

Ropes can be used to tie almost anything but are known for their use on boats. Because of this, knots associated with boats are among the most often used for different purposes. These types of knots allow a number of ways to tie your rope and different levels of ease and knot strength. Tying these ropes can be a simple process if you know how to get the knot done, and you will be able to use your rope as desired after the knot is tied.


Form a loop a short distance from the end of the rope. The loop should be big enough for both the knot and for the item the knot is looping around.

Pass the end of the rope through the loop that you just made, and pull the end through back to the starting end.

Pull the end through the loop one more time to complete the bowline.

Figure 8 Knot

Form a loop in the loose end of the rope in your hand.

Pass this loop around the starting end of the rope, going the long way up the rope with your loop.

Loop the first end of the rope through the new loop made in the other end, and the figure 8 will be created.

Anchor Hitch

Pass one turn of the rope around a hitch, and then a second turn of the rope around the hitch.

Keep the second turn of the rope slack, and then wrap the short end of the second wrap to the inside of both wraps.

Loop this end through the slack of both wraps and then pull it around to the outside of the wraps to tie them in place. You can then tie the rope between the remaining long end of the rope and the last loop you just created.

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