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How to Tie a Catfish Rig

by Larry Anderson

Fishermen target channel catfish and flathead catfish most often when fishing for catfish. Both fish feed on the water's bottom, so one of the best rigs for catching them is a bottom rig, which keeps the bait on or near the bottom of the water. Both boat and shore fishermen can use the rig, which casts easily. Use a variety of baits with bottom rigs, including live and dead fish, to catch a catfish.

Cut a piece of 15- to 20-lb. test fishing line so it is 24 inches in length.

Thread a 1 oz. or heavier weight on the end of the main fishing line.

Knot the main fishing line to a barrel swivel using a Palomar knot. Tie the 24-inch piece of line to the other end of the barrel swivel.

Tie a size 2/0 or 4/0 hook to the end of the line if you are targeting channel catfish. Use a size 2/0 or larger for flathead catfish.

Place a night crawler or dead minnow as bait on the hook for channel catfish. Use a bullhead or sucker minnow for flathead catfish.

Items you will need
  • 15- to 20-lb. test fishing line
  • 1 oz. or heavier weight
  • Rod and reel
  • Barrel swivel
  • 2/0 or larger size hook
  • Night crawler, dead minnow, bullhead or sucker minnow

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