How to Soundproof a Trailer

by MayankJ
Many trailers are not made soundproof.

Many trailers are not made soundproof.

Trailers are mobile homes that allow for travel at any time. While they are convenient for travel, they are not made with soundproof walls, windows or doors, which can make a normal night seem much louder. The sounds of animals, insects and street traffic can disturb sleep, but soundproofing the trailer is possible.

Use a measuring tape to measure the trailer's walls, floors and windows. Write down all of the measurements separately to avoid confusion.

Obtain the appropriate amount of soundproofing mats, flooring and acoustic drapes based on the measurements for the trailer's surfaces. The flooring should match the measurements of the trailer floor, the mats should be measured to fit the walls and ceiling and the drapes should be sized to cover the windows.

Put down the flooring according to the included instructions. In most cases, it will suffice to roll it out so that it covers the floor, then cover the mat with a rug or any items in the trailer.

Put up the soundproofing mats. These are usually a rolled up foam material. They can be held to the walls by an adhesive like glue or a hook and eyelet option. The glue attaches the mats permanently while a hook and eyelet option will make the mats removable.

Put up the drapes at the windows the same way you would hang regular curtains. If the trailer does not have a curtain rod, using the hook and eyelet or glue is appropriate for the drapes as well.

Items you will need

  • Measuring tape
  • Pen and paper
  • Soundproofing mats
  • Soundproofing flooring
  • Acoustic drapes
  • Glue (optional)
  • Hook and eyelet material (optional)

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