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How to Sight in a Ruger Airhawk Air Rifle With Iron Sights

by Heath Robert

The Ruger Airhawk is a .177-caliber pellet rifle that can be used for hunting or target practice. The AIrhawk comes from the factory with iron sights installed on the front and rear posts of the barrel. The rear iron sight is fully adjustable for elevation and windage. Adjusting the sights requires no tools, but will require you to take several practice shots. Taking the time to properly adjust your sights will help make your rifle more accurate, and you a better shooter.

1. Load the rifle with a pellet and assume a shooting position on a bench or other stable platform.

2. Aim at the center of a test target about 10 yards away.

3. Align the ball or post on the front sight so that it sits in the notch on the rear sight. If there is a ball on the middle of the rear sight, alight the sights so that the front ball sits directly on top of the rear ball.

4. Take a shot at the center of the target.

5. Note the location of the pellet's impact, including how many inches from the center it was in any direction.

6. Turn the windage knob on the left side of the rear iron sight clockwise one click for every inch the pellet was to the right of the center, and counterclockwise for every inch that it was to the left of the center.

7. Turn the elevation known on the right side of the rear iron sight clockwise for every inch that the pellet was above the center of the target. Turn the knob counterclockwise for every inch the pellet was below the center of the target.

8. Load another pellet and take a second shot at the center of the target, using the iron sights as a guide.

9. Repeat the windage and elevation adjustments until the pellet hits the center of the target without needing further adjustments.

Items you will need
  • Pellets
  • Test target
  • Bench or other stable shooting platform

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