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How to Set a Shrimp as Bait on Your Hook

by Ben Team

The best way to rig shrimp on your line varies, depending on the presentation you want to use. If you are not casting far from the shore or a boat, insert the hook through the left or right side of the shrimp’s carapace, and push it out the other side. Thread the hook between the shrimp’s stomach and hepatopancreas – the two dark spots on the shrimp’s back – to keep it alive longer.

Alternative Methods

If you want to drag the bait along the bottom, insert the hook in the carapace from the bottom and – while still avoiding the stomach and hepatopancreas -- push it out the top. Like the first technique, this method keeps the shrimp alive; however, shrimp hooked this way rarely last long if used for lengthy casts. When you must cast far from the boat or shore, remove the shrimp’s tail fan and insert the hook straight into the end of the tail. Turn the hook so that the point emerges from the underside of the shrimp’s tail. Another alternative is to insert the hook into one side of the shrimp’s tail, and push it out the other side.

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