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Schwinn Meridian Assembly Instructions

by Lynn Rademacher

The Schwinn Meridian is a three-wheel tricycle for adults. Between the back wheels is a large basket area that can be used to hold items while riding. This tricycle is available in 26-inch and 20-inch models. Both models have a single-speed design so the rider doesn't have to worry about shifting gears. The assembly of the two different models is the same and can be completed with basic hand tools.

Remove the bike from the box and all of the bike parts.

Insert the seat post into the bike and lower it at least until the maximum seat height line is below the seat collar on the bike. Tighten the seat collar to hold the seat in place.

Place the bicycle on a bike stand for the rest of the assembly by attaching the stand clamp to the seat post on the bike. Remove the rest of the packaging that is holding pieces to the bike.

Remove the pressure cap from the front of the bike. Slide the handlebars into the steering tube of the bicycle and replace the pressure cap. Tighten the pressure cap so that it is snug but doesn't reduce the ability of the handlebars to rotate.

Use an 8mm Allen wrench to loosen the stem clamp bolt in the center of the handlebars and rotate the handlebars to a 45-degree position from the steering tube of the bike. Retighten the stem clamp bolt.

Slide the quick-release axle into the center of the front wheel and slide the wheel between the front forks of the bike. Tighten the bolt on the right side of the wheel with the quick-release open. Then close the quick-release handle. You should feel pressure when the quick-release latch is half-closed. Press the handle of the quick release against the bike frame.

Attach the back wheels to the rear axle with the included washers and nuts. Use the adjustable wrench to tighten the nuts.

Attach the pedals by sliding the pedals onto the posts and screwing them into place. The end of the pedal that slides onto the post is threaded to match the threading of the post.

Connect the brake cables to the hand brake handles by sliding the cable through the end of the handle and twisting the connector until it is tight on the cable. Pull back on the brake handle to make sure the cable is tight enough to activate the brake. If necessary tighten the brake cable by loosening the nut that holds the cable just above the front wheel and sliding the cable through to make the cable shorter. Make sure you retighten the nut when finished.

Remove the Meridian from the bike stand and set it on the ground. Adjust the seat to the correct height for the rider.

Items you will need
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Allen wrench set
  • Bike stand