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How to Rig a Fluke Fishing Lure

by James Clark

The Fluke fishing lure is a brand of artificial fishing bait designed to mimic bait fish such as shad and herring. The soft plastic lure comes in scores of different colors to suit changing fishing conditions, as switching out one lure for a different color can result in more productive fishing. It's important to know how to rig a Fluke bait, so you can spend more time catching fish and less time threading hooks into soft plastic.

Thread the fishing line through the eye of a size 3/0 or 4/0 hook, which should closely match the length of the Flue lure you wish to rig. Tie the line to the hook with a clinch knot. Illustrated instructions for the clinch knot can be found on animatedknots.com.

Pierce the head of the Fluke bait with the point of the hook, threading the body of the lure along the curve of the hook and up the shaft until the hook eye is pressed against the head of the bait.

Rotate the hook inside the bait so the barb points up and toward the head of the lure.

Slip the tip of the hook carefully into the hook slot along the top of the Fluke bait. This rigging lets you fish the bait through weed beds and cast with relatively little worry of snagging.

Items you will need
  • Fishing line
  • Hook sizes 3/0 to 4/0

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