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How to Replace Window Screens in Sea Ray Boats

by Will Charpentier

Sea Ray boats have window screens on their port holes. Like any window screen, they'll need changing sooner or later. Because they're on a boat, in a marine environment, "sooner" is more likely than "later." Changing those pesky screens on a Sea Ray isn't quite as pesky as you might think since, after all, they're built like any other window screen. The only difference is that they shelter a boat's port hole, rather than a window in your home.

Open the window from the inside. Slip the point of a utility knife under the end of the round vinyl gasket that you see sitting in the channel around the screen and lift the end of the vinyl gasket out of the channel. Grasp the end of the gasket and pull it completely out of the channel.

Insert the tip of the utility knife into the mesh of the old screen and pull the old screen out of the window.

Lay the new screen flat over the port. Use the screening tool to press the screen down into the channels of the screen frame.

Set the end of the round vinyl gasket in the channel. While allowing the vinyl gasket to feed into the channel around the screen frame with one hand, use the screen tool with the other hand by setting the groove of the grooved wheel on one end of the tool on top of the vinyl gasket, then pushing the gasket into the channel with the wheel of the tool by "rolling" the gasket into the channel with the tool. Trim excess screen from around the window frame with a utility knife.

Items you will need
  • Utility knife
  • Screen material
  • Screening tool

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