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How to Repair RV Air Conditioners

by Melissa Warner

On a hot summer night there's nothing more refreshing than having air conditioning in your RV. But air conditioners in homes and RVs break down because of age and lack of maintenance. It doesn't make for happy campers when the AC goes out in your RV. Fortunately, you can fix some of the problems instead of paying for costly repairs.

Clean the filters, condensors and duct work with a vacuum or canned air. Dirt causes a lot of air conditioning problems.

Tape or replace duct work that has holes. Leaking duct work can cause the air conditioner to not run.

Replace corroded cables going to the battery. Faulty cables can cause the compressor, fan and even the thermostat to not function. Using a voltmeter, also check that the battery is at least 103.5 volts.

Check and replace any blown fuses.

Seek a air conditioning specialist if the unit is leaking fluids. This can be dangerous for the average person to handle.


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