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How to Protect Your RV Roof From Sun Damage. Travel Trailer Roofs

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Your travel trailer or RV roof is exposed to the sun all of the time and eventually this exposure to UV rays will case the rubberized roof to break down. Here is how to help protect it.

Determine if your RV roof still has some life in it or needs to be replaced. If it is not too damaged proceed to protecting it. Your travel trailer or RV roof is exposed to sun all of the time and harmful UV rays will cause it to degrade over time. If leaks develop your RV could suffer major damage due to rotting wood in the ceiling. There are some steps you can take to protect your RV roof from sun damage.

Keep your RV roof clean as possible to help it last longer. Dirt contains not just soil but acids from pollution that will cause the rubberized material your RV roof is made of to crack. Use a mild soap such as Armor All car wash solution and a long handled brush with soft bristles. Make sure you clean into the cracks and caulking next to roof vents and skylights. Be careful while walking on your RV roof and don't step on fragile plastic skylights.

Seal the cleaned roof surface. After you have washed the roof and it has dried apply a silicone based sealer. For many years RV'ers and travel trailer dwellers have used silicone based floor cleaners like Mop and Glo but these don't really have enough silicone to protect the roof for a long time. A better choice would be an over the counter RV roof cleaner and sealer like Protect All. The higher the silicone content the greater the UV protection. Commerical RV roof cleaning and sealing products also have added UV protection ingredients. If you keep your RV or travel trailer roof clean and sealed it will last for many years.

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