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How to Grip the Golf Club Properly

by David M. Murray, Jr.

The grip is the single most important aspect of the golf swing. Without a proper grip, you can't possibly hit a golf ball with the necessary power or accuracy. Your left and right hands should work together, ideally, and one should not dominate or overpower the other. Your fingers, and not the palms of your hands, should guide and control the club. Only then can your wrists swing freely, giving you the clubhead speed you need to hit the ball solidly and consistently.

First, grasp the golf club with your left hand (assuming you are a right-handed golfer). Your thumb should point straight down the shaft of the golf club. Grip lightly with your thumb and forefinger, and grip tightly with your other three fingers around the shaft.

Grasp the golf club with your right hand, coming toward your left hand from the other side of the shaft. The palm of your right hand will cover your left thumb. Your right thumb should point straight down the shaft. Grip tightly with your thumb and first finger of the right hand and loosely with your other three fingers.

Overlap the little finger of your right hand so that it is on top of your left hand, resting in the space between your first two fingers.

Open the hands to check your grip: If the shaft rests too much in the palm of your hand, you need to adjust your grip. You need to strive for more of a finger tip grip where the shaft runs from the bottom of your little finger diagonally across to the middle of your first finger. Similarly, keep the club in the fingers of the right hand also. In this way the wrists can fold properly on the back swing, producing more clubhead speed and more power and accuracy in your shot.

Items you will need
  • Golf club or practice grip


  • Your two hands should feel like one with firm pressure only in the last three fingers of the left hand and the thumb and first finger of the right hand. The "V's" formed by the thumb and forefinger coming together on each hand should point over your right shoulder as you stand ready to swing the golf club. Practice gripping the golf club as often as you possibly can. Buy a practice grip, so you can do it around the house as often as possible.