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How to Get Free Fishing Tackle

by Ben Team

No matter which game fish you target or what waters you frequent, many anglers struggle to afford new fishing tackle. Instead of spending your hard-earned dollars on new equipment, keep an eye out for promotional giveaways offered by manufacturers and retailers. Additionally, you can amass a significant selection of lures, hooks and sinkers by collecting lost tackle at your local fishing hole.

Sign Up Solutions

Some large lure and tackle manufacturers are happy to give you a few plastic worms or a couple of hooks in exchange for your email address and some demographic information. Additionally, bait shops, guide services and sporting goods stores also give away tackle, usually for providing them with your basic information or joining a customer loyalty program. You can also join local fishing groups, which often publish newsletters or send email alerts that detail tackle giveaways. Some local non-profits or government agencies offer free tackle loan programs, particularly for young anglers.

Savvy Scavenging

Countless lures are lost each day to underwater logs and overhanging branches. Scavenging these lost lures is not only an economical way of filling your tackle box; it helps clean up your favorite fishing spot too. You many need to make some small repairs to the lures, buff out some scratches or change a few hooks, but you will still save money in the process. The best time to scavenge lures is when the water level is low, such as during droughts, low tide or scheduled dock maintenance periods.

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