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Fish Bait Recipes

by Kevin Freeman

There are many recipes for making effective bait using foods commonly found at home. Each recipe is often directed at only one or two types of fish but, as a general rule, the more specifically a bait targets a fish, the better it will work. This is because each kind of fish prefers its food to smell, taste, or appear similar to the food it would normally eat.

Fish Bait Recipes

Catfish and Carp BaitIngredients: *1 bottle vanilla extract*1 can whole cornProcess: 1. Open the can of corn and strain the water from the corn, leaving about 1 inch of water with the corn.2. Leaving the corn inside the can, stir vanilla extract into the corn until each corn kernel becomes evenly yellow-brown in color. 3. Reseal can or place contents into a jar for later use. Note: When baiting a hook, slide as many kernels of corn as will fit onto it until the hook's tip is hidden by the corn.

Trout DoughIngredients:*1 pot 3/4 filled with water*1 cup water*1/2 cup flour*1/2 cup cornmeal*1/4 cup sugar*1/2 tablespoon garlic powder*1/8 pound Velveeta cheeseProcess:1. Begin to boil pot of water while making the trout dough.2. Microwave Velveeta cheese until thoroughly melted.3. Mix all ingredients into melted cheese, blending to an even, doughy consistency.4. Pinch off enough dough to roll into a ball of desired size.5. Continue making dough balls until dough has been depleted.6. Place 3 to 4 dough balls into boiling water for a maximum of 2 minutes.7. Remove dough balls and allow to dry before storing.

Salmon, Trout and Steelhead egg curing recipeIngredients: *Salmon or trout eggs (skeins or separated eggs)*Large bowl*Lubricating oil (WD-40 works well)*Flat, large cutting board*1 roll Paper Towels*20-25 pages of newspaperProcess:1. Stack the newspapers over the cutting board so that entire surface is covered evenly.2. Stack four layers of paper towels over newspaper, also covering evenly.3. Spread eggs onto cutting board as evenly as possible.4. Place cutting board with eggs in a cool, dry place away from sunlight for 48 hours, flipping eggs every 10 to 12 hours.5. Remove fish eggs from paper towel and place into large bowl.6. Gently stir in lubricating oil, ensuring that each egg contacts the oil.7. Freeze eggs until ready to use.Note: Use of lubricating oil is optional

Homemade Spoon LuresItems Needed:*2 Split Rings*1 Old teaspoon*1 Treble hook*1 Scouring pad (SOS works well)*Lubricating Oil*Hacksaw*Metal file *Bench grinder (optional)*Drill and 1/8" drill bitProcess:1. Using the hacksaw, cut handle away from spoon bowl.2. File or grind until bowl is well rounded and smooth where handle was attached.3. Drill 1/8" or desired size holes into each end of spoon bowl.4. File away rough edges around holes.5. Using scouring pad and lubricating oil, buff spoon bowl until metal surface has reached desired reflectiveness.6. Attach split rings to holes at each end of spoon bowl7. Attach treble hook to split ring at one end of spoon bowl.Notes: If brighter colors are desired, spoon bowl may be painted with oil-based paints for desired effects.Homemade spoon lures tend to be much more active in water than manufactured versions.

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