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How to Change the O Ring on a Remington 11-87

by Richard Rohlin

The Remington 11-87 is a popular semi-automatic, gas-operated shotgun. The 11-87 is widely used as a sporting firearm and has also seen applications as a law enforcement and civilian defense weapon. The gas system of the 11-87 makes the recoil (the amount of force the shooter takes into his or her shoulder when firing the gun) very light, making it popular among hunters and competition shooters. However, the weakest link in the design of the 11-87 is the rubber O-ring that fits over the magazine tube. Replacing the O-ring of an 11-87 should be a regular maintenance task.

Point the shotgun in safe direction. With the safety switched to the "ON" position (the red band should not be showing), cycle the bolt several times to ensure the shotgun is unloaded.

Pull the charging handle of the shotgun back until it locks into position.

Unscrew the magazine cap and remove it. This is the large knob located at the end of the magazine tube, directly beneath the barrel.

Slide the fore-end forward to remove it from the magazine tube. You should now see a small rubber O-ring on the middle of the magazine tube.

Remove the old O-ring and replace it with the new O-ring. Reverse steps 3 and 4 to reassemble the gun.


  • Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
  • Always keep your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard during disassembly.


  • All firearms are deadly weapons. Consult your operator's manual for safety guidelines before attempting disassembly.

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