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How to Catch The Largemouth Bass

by braniac

Largemouth bass are fun fish to catch and relatively easy to find and understand. The Largemouth Bass is easily the most sought after freshwater gamefish. To catch one requires a little luck and some patience.

Decide how you want to catch the Largemouth Bass. The bass is a carnivore and can be caught on either live bait or with artificial lures. For the purposes of this article, artificial lures will be highlighted.

Know that in spring and summer conditions, this fish will prefer cool and shallow waters with lots of shade and cover.

The best time to catch them in greater numbers is either during the morning hours or at night when the water temperature is lower.

Low light situations such as overcast days or very cloudy days tend to produce a greater number of strikes.

The largemouth can be caught on a wide variety of artificial lures ranging from jigs, plastic works, spinner baits, deep or shallow diving crankbaits and top water baits.

When bass inhabit thick, shallow cover, a spinner bait is often the best option. When bass are suspended near or over drop off points, crankbaits work very well. Jigs and plastic worms to work the bottom of their habitat work well the bass are less active or have taken to deeper waters to stay cool. Topwater baits are excellent lures when the bass is most active during the early morning or evening hours in shallower waters.

Adjust the "action" of any chosen lure to match the activity level of the bass. When they are more active, work a lure faster. When they are less active favor a slower lure presentation.

Lure color: In darker (muddier) waters conditions, use darker colored lures such as black. In lighter (clearer) water color conditions use more natural colored lures such as chartreuse to entice a strike from the bass.

Items you will need
  • Fishing tackle


  • Sometimes bass can be stubborn to bite but repeatedly harassing them will produce a strike so continually cast in the same areas where you think a bass may hiding to draw one out.


  • Bass are easily spooked by topside noise so try to be quiet.