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How to Catch Farm-Raised Lake Shore Stocked Trout

by Lauren Wise

Trout fishing off a lakeshore is a surefire way to catch multiple trout, and an added bonus is that farm-raised trout are healthy and delicious. Bring the proper equipment, lures or bait and patience.

Use proper bait to catch trout. Lake shore-stocked trout go for corn, cheese, Powerbait, live worms, marshmallows and dough bait.

Place an egg sinker onto your basic bottom rig, then attach a small barrel swivel onto the line. Next use a leader that is about 2 feet to tie to the barrel swivel.

Add a hook to the end of the leader. Add the bait to the hook.

Find a good place to stand on the shore to fish. Fishing in direct sunlight is uncomfortable, and the fish tend to go towards shade on a hot day. Keep a bucket half full of the lake water next to you for a place to put trout that you catch, so the fish stay alive until the moment you decide to clean them. Or you can throw them back in the lake if you prefer.

Cast the rig out and let it sink to the bottom. Pick up the slack until the line is taut. Once you feel a tug on the line quickly reel up your rig. Use a net to scoop up smaller trout, and a gaffing hook to haul out larger trout. Detach the trout from the hook and drop them into the bucket.

Items you will need
  • Fish nets
  • Buckets
  • Basic bottom rig
  • Egg sinker
  • Small barrel swivel
  • Leader
  • Gloves
  • Bait for trout
  • Fishing tackle


  • * Try standing at different parts around the lake shore to see where the trout are congregating.


  • * Be careful when working with hooks and live bait.

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