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How to Buy Airstream Travel Trailers

by Felicia Greene

You’ve seen them on the highway: the sleek, rounded metal travel trailers that seem to have a real “take charge” character. Definitely a different animal, the Airstreams have clean lines and a streamlined look. You’ve decided that an Airstream travel trailer is perfect for your family’s vacations, as it will eliminate the endless search for hotels. But if there aren’t any dealers in your town, you’ll have to get creative to get your hands on one of those elusive Airstream travel trailers.

1. Visit an Airstream dealer to examine their line of new trailers. With several models of travel trailers, your biggest challenge will be to select the right one for you. To locate an Airstream dealership, visit the Airstream website.

2. Hunt for a used Airstream trailer. If you are budget conscious or would like an Airstream with a little seasoning, check out the classified ads on the Airstream Owners’ Knowledge Sharing Forum. In addition to owner-generated classified ads, there is an onsite display of Airstream vehicles listed on http://www.ebay.com.

3. Scope out an RV sales website. The RV Trader website has an array of features but will be less confusing if you confine your search to Airstreams. There are two search options: (1) By Airstream model or (2) By state. In both cases, search results will include listings from both private sellers and dealers.

4. Locate a “Tin Can Travelers” Rally. Airstream owners regularly congregate at campgrounds throughout the United States. Check the calendar on the Airstream Owners' Knowledge Sharing Forum for an event near you.

5. Place “Airstream Wanted” ads at nearby campgrounds. With campgrounds located throughout the United States, Airstream travel trailers have plenty of places to spend the night. Visit a campground locator website to find the campgrounds in your state, then narrow your search to campgrounds within 50 miles. Keep in mind that some campgrounds are operated on a seasonal basis.

6. Complete your Airstream purchase. In addition to a cash option, Airstream dealers may have financing programs. Or you can apply for private financing at your bank or credit union.

Items you will need
  • Local Airstream dealers
  • Classified listings from Owner's Forum
  • Classified listings from RV Trader website
  • List of nearby Airstream rallies
  • List of nearby campgrounds

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