Gone Outdoors

How to Adjust the Rear Sight on an M1 Garand

by Jeremiah Blanchard

The M1 Garand was considered to be "the greatest battle implement ever devised" by General George C. Patton. This weapon was used in World War II, the Korean War and in the early part of the Vietnam War. This shoulder fired semi-automatic rifle is effective at over 400 yards. Versions were manufactured to fire either the 30.-06 Springfield or a .308 Winchester round. The weapon also features a rear sight aperture adjustable for both elevation and windage. Adjusting the rear sight can be accomplished along with a bit of target practice.

1. Set up a target at 100 yards. Get into a comfortable shooting position. The prone shooting position, or a secure gun rest, offer the most stability when shooting.

2. Fire a few rounds at the target. Note the strike placement on the target.

3. Adjust the sight for elevation. Loosen the adjustment screw on the elevation knob until you can turn it. Turn the elevation knob clockwise to move the bullet impact up on the target; turn the sight opposite to move the impact down on the target. Only move the sight by one click at a time in either direction, then test fire again to check your adjustments. Repeat until the bullet lands on the bull's-eye.

4. Adjust the windage knob for left or right bullet impact. Turn the windage knob -- located on the right side of the sight -- clockwise to move the impact to the right. Turn the opposite direction to move the impact to the left. Adjust by one click at a time and test fire until the bullet lands on the bull's-eye.